Hey there!

I am so excited that you’re here! Teaching + mentoring has been on my heart since i started this journey, and i am finally feeling ready to dive right on in! i have always been passionate about helping others and pushing them to be the best version of themselves possible. i never imagined being in a place in my life where i could mix my passions together and receive so much joy in return. i am excited to travel the world throughout 2019 and team up with some pretty amazing photographers to bring you resources to grow your craft. be sure to follow @Wanderingmae on instagram to keep up with the tips and tricks that have helped me grow my business, as well as our main instagram page @madiwagnerphotography!


Ready to schedule your mentor session? I’ve got a few different options for ya! besides my workshops that i will be hosting year round, i also offer virtual + one on one shadowing mentor sessions!

-Virtual session $100-

1 hour. let’s get together before your session via text or phone and talk about what you’re struggling with. i’ll put together a plan to help you and we will see it through! i schedule these sessions mondays and tuesdays between 9 am and noon!

-One on One Shadowing $250-

1-2 hours. Come to a shoot with me and follow me around! I’d love to show you how i conquer a shoot and help you with posing, etc. we’ll also chat before the shoot begins so i will know what it is that you are wanting to learn and focus on!

-Tentative Travels (Workshop Destinations)-

January / Texas - Colorado

March / Wyoming

May / Santa Fe, New Mexico

June / Washington

August / Utah

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