Important Events + People // Shot List

Please provide a list of important events you want me to be sure to capture throughout the day. Of course, I will be sure to capture all of the important events- but I don't want you to get your gallery back & say "wait.. where's the picture of Great Aunt Karen?" If it is not mentioned here, once the final gallery is delivered Madi Wagner Photography will not be liable to go back through images to account for certain ones.
Please provide a shot list for each family photo that you want taken. I want to be sure that no one get's missed and that we also don't miss any combinations. For Example : Bride + Bride's sister . Bride + Groom's sister. Bride + mom and dad. Groom + grandma patty. Groom + grandma patty + grandpa bill. This shot list will help us keep things on time + take minimal time for family photos!